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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You Got Daft Punk'd!

So this video is circulating the web, and because I am half web (my mom's jewish, my dad is Internet Explorer) it is my civic duty to embed it as well:

how a deaf person communicates at a rave

But honestly, I am only allowing it on my blog because a) hands are awesome (as is my understanding of Edward Scissorhands) and b) I love me some Daft Punk. This song has a heavy rotation on my iPod, particularly on the treadmill. I'm glad to see it have a surge in interest today.

But in more timely news, I was watching this yesterday:

I wasn't on drugs, but I was tired, so it was almost the same lazy-eyed, sleepy-brained experience. I'm not really a fan of this kind of animation that seems exclusive to any and all animated feature coming out of Japan (years of Disney conditioning during childhood?) but I think with a blacklight and a more powerful stereo system, I would have definitely raved about it!

Bex sure does love her drug puns!

Anyway, here's the trailer to Daft Punk's lastest film, Electroma. It's probably not at a theatre near you, unless you live near the one cinema in France that they're showing it at one day a week at midnight.

long walks in the desert


experimental space movie that's pretty boring without drugs but features cool imagery and white rooms




robot LSD



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