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Monday, June 11, 2007

Season Finales: Eating Onion Rings is the New Multiple Deaths

In honor of The Sopranos finale last night (which I am appreciating more the longer I think about it... which has been all freaking day long [good work toying with my emotions and productivity today, David Chase, you motherfucker]) here is the best finale of all time of the best show of all time, Six Feet Under. Time and time again, I always say, genuinely, without any hyperbole, if I could have brought the world of film and art one product, one piece of work, I wish I had given it Six Feet Under. It's that good.

Also, this finale made me openly sob, weep, that my roommate had to come in my room to make sure I was okay. You try composing yourself when people you've hung out with and cared about for six years DIE IN FRONT OF YOU. To a pretty woman's voice. During a Hybrid ad.

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