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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What's Published in Boston, Doesn't Necessarily Stay in Boston

I write a monthly column for INsite Boston, a monthly magazine that features celebrities, movies, TV, media, and other less-nationally celebrated, more Boston-centric forms of entertainment.

How did I get this job? Well, I'm offended you even have to ask. Obviously it is because I am such an accomplished writer and social satirist that I have developed a fan base in states I do not even reside in!

Also, my sister owns the damn thing.

Also, my friend Chris who was originally writing the column for the past year quit to go be a producer's assistant and didn't have time to not be paid to write.

But I have oodles of time to not get paid to write! So enjoy! This one puts Celeb against Celeb: Lily Allen vs. Lindsay Lohan.

I know what you're thinking. One is British (and wears insaley cute dresses that I admit to searching ebay for an hour to purchase myself), and the other is Fucked in the Head. And yet there was 800 words worth to keep the discourse alive!

Confessions of Someone Sort of Working in the Film Industry, Sorta, If the Internet Counts.

(Ed. Note-- Chris' last column was called "Confessions of a Film Student", despite the fact that he was a year out of film school while writing it, nor does he live in Boston. [Cue a round of "Boo!"'s reminiscent of the last scene from Dangerous Liasons])

And here is my first column, in case you missed it, which you surely did. Who wouldn't miss me? (Cue gagging noises.)

And if you live in the Beantown I call home about one week a year, pick up a copy of INsite while waiting for the T. Then you can either burn it for a heat source or use it to fan the sweat off your body, depending on which two seasons of the year you are currently in Boston.

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