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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thanks, Japan!: I'm Hungry... Let's Go To Third Base

Here's your daily Thanks, Japan moment. I wish it was filmed in night vision.

Who doesn't love something tasty and wet in their mouth? Ya know, like a penis during a blow job?....... or noodle soup. Yeah. Noodle soup. Anyway.

I like to imagine this actress talking with her parents. It would probably go something, uh-like this:

ring ring... ring ring...

Actress' Mom: Hello?

Actress: Hey, mom! Guess what! I got a starring role in a commercial!

Actress' Mom: Thank's amazing, honey! What's it for?

Actress: A popular brand of noodle soup!

Actress' Mom: I'm so proud of you!

Several months later the commercial airs in Japan.

ring ring... ring ring...

Actress' Mom: Hello?

Actress: Hey mom... it's me...

Actress' Mom: I. HAVE. NO. DAUGHTER. You have brought shame on your family.

Mom hangs up. Actress commits sepuku.


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