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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Would Give My Right Arm For This Photo to Be Real

I'm not above shouting out to other celebrity sites (or any blog or website in general) that endlessly entertains me throughout my neverending busy work day. I came across this one today - Planet Hiltron, where all your favorite celebrities are brilliantly photoshopped into opposite genders, get puffy, and wear clothes not sold at Kitson's.


Standing in line at the buffet at the twins' quincinera

Turns out they spent all those multi-millions of dollars on cheeseburgers.

Another fantastic website is Gallery of the Absurd, an excellent artist/cartoonist with a really mean bite. Here's a sample, which will also count, why not, close enough, as our Thanks, Japan! moment of the day!

the extremely popular Hello Paris' Kitty doll

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