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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Gwen Stefani Moment #3

I have an Alice in Wonderland fetish. Example:

me, halloween 06

Yes, I made my own Cheshire Cat satchel. I also have a hard on for arts and crafts.

better angle, because this is my blog and I can post as many embarassing photos of myself as I see fit

I watched the Disney cartoon growing up... and then I watched it again the first time I was ever totally bonged out my junior year of college. (Comparison: not much had changed; I still didn't understand a damn thing in that movie.) I read the books (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass) by Lewis Carrol, and the made-for-tv movie featuring every celebrity on Earth alive in the 80s was watched on repeat until I was eight twelve today.

So when Gwen's first single off her first solo album Love. Angel. Music. Baby had an Alice in Wonderland theme... I was hooked. She knows I exist! She's doing everything according to my tastes! Either that, or Gwen knows that somewhere out there, there is a college student destined to be her BFF 4EVA. And that college student (at the time) was moi.

Anyway, here's a link to the normal, director's cut of the video. Below is a video for the remix of the song, which is mushroom-taking-tastic*.

*Posh&Bex does not endorse the use of taking psychotropic mushrooms. She much prefers these. Or really, these. Especially when she's on this.

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