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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thanks, Japan!: somethingsomethingsomethingsomething POCKY!

It's been a few days without a Thanks, Japan! segment. Shenanigans! To make up for lost time, here are three highly entertaining commercials for the Japanese snack Pocky.

I got tuned onto Pocky from my sister, who lived in Japan for a year and ate these delicious chocolate sticks regularly. What's more important, I got tuned onto Pocky commercials from my sister. We YouTubed the shit out of Pocky commercials after a night of drinking in a Bahstin pub and everything was funny to us. Surprisingly enough, these commercials are just as entertaining sober!

At least she has a good personality... and she can dance!

Isn't that cute and somewhat ridiculous for a mila-second commercial? It's got its own story and character arc and dénouement*.

*Possible t-shirt: "I Went to Film School and All I Got Was This Vocabulary of Useless Screenwriting Terminology"


Possible bumper sticker: "How's My Formatting?"


Possible sandwhich board sign: "Ask Me About My Foil"

But look! There's more than just regular ole chocolate Pocky:

What's better - there's more than just one regular ole Pocky commercial! Yay!

Lemme in! My pocky's getting all wet!

I love how epic this commercial is in just thirteen seconds. Why is she so upset? Are they long lost siblings? Former lovers torn apart because of war and social turmoil? Whatever it is, Pocky makes it all better. Personally I cannot wait for the Pocky dance to take the nation by storm. It'll be like the Macarena + the Electric Slide + Hands Up, Baby, Hands up x A MILLION.

But you haven't seen epic til you've seen this:

In a world... where chocolate sticks rule supreme... one man must bite

That's like the Pearl Harbor of Japanese commercials.

Oops. Too soon?

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