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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Three Examples of How I Know Love Is, Actually, All Around Us

Example #1: This song, Cupid's Chokehold, by Gym Class Heroes, my favorite new song of the moment. (Regardless that the lead singer of one of my favorite bands is a guest vocalist in the song.) I can't wait to feel this way about someone again. I look forward to it more than winning an Oscar or giving a sold-out Q&A at the DGA. (I'm a nerd. [And a film school graduate.]) But one day this song will be for someone in my life. Right now this blog is a filler until I meet him. (Apparently making Bex and Posh&Bex fuck buddies, although I think P&B wants something more serious. Whatever, I told P&B when we first started that I wasn't looking for anything long-term. I'm really holding out for a better blog to come along.)

Example #2: Also this song, Digital Love, by Daft Punk. It's not new, and I've actually owned their CD Discovery for years with barely a listen, but for the last two weeks I can't stop listening to it. It's just so sweet and happy and genuine, like being in love and floating around on a dancefloor. Being on drugs at a rave also helps in achieving the same sensation. Although love doesn't cause a leak in your spinal fluid. Much.

Example #3 to Infinity: THIS PUPPY.

This puppy is so filled with love that its body has metastasized into a physical declaration of JOY! I'm waiting for his owners to shave "U R MINE" into his fur and sell clones of him for Valentine's Day.

P.S. I hate Love Actually, I'm ashamed I quoted it in my subject heading.

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