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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My So-Called Back*

*just thank me that I didn't make a "sexyback" joke

I'd just like to point out that I saw this in the very flesh (pun well-thought out in advance and intended) and it made me jump from zero to lesbian in 2.5 seconds:

Jordan Cartolano, eat your heart out

Somewhere, Brian Krakow is having a massive boner.

I've always liked Claire Danes - her one-two punch during my pre-teen and teenage years with My So-Called Life and Romeo + Juliet pretty much made her my female role model. I'm happy to see she's still around, doing things (even if those things happen to be Australian musicians or other people's babydaddy's). I'm also happy to see that she's drop dead gorgeous in the sexiest dress I've ever seen. Dayum.

Unfortunately, not all of the MS-CL alum are faring much better...

Jordan Cartolano = Dreamy-Eyed Remedial Student I Can Change

i'm so burdened by society. and homework.

30 Seconds to Mars frontman = Trying Too Hard

not as good as the Frozen Embryoes

Oh no, it gets even worse - this is him without goth makeup (or body fat):

look, i became convex for a role, i'm a serious actor!

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chelseabain said...

I met her! Did mom tell you I interviewed her last week??

She's even more gorgeous in real person!!!