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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finding Emo

Another hilarious installment of News Shows That Need Filler So They Attack Teenage Styles They Don't Understand:

But honestly, what in the eff has My Chemical Romance ever done to you, stupid CBS reporters? They're attacked almost as much as FAKE EMO ONLINE QUIZZES that ARE IN ON THE FUCKING JOKE. Gerard Way and the rest of the MCR should not be scapegoated for anyone cutting themself a la Marilyn Manson during the Columbine era - ya know, there's a lot of people out there cutting themselves, and they wear Abercrombie & Fitch. Some even wear Karl Lagerfeld (and no underwear underneath). Don't blame a brilliant (and highly entertaining live) band who has no interest in encouraging kids to hurt themselves. Sometimes ignorance stops being funny and just starts getting on my nerves.

Grr! Bex angry!

On another note, after watching that video, I'm less terrified of EMO coming to get me than I am of this guy:


Jori said...

Exactly. This is what I am angry about. The press blaming My Chemical Romance for people wanting to harm themselves. They started the band to save people's lives. And that is EXACTLY what they have done.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you... this new report just made me mad! They talked about how this music makes teenagers slip into depression and want them hurt themselves. That is totally untrue! They played "Hold On" by Good Charlotte in the background of the report and what got me mad is that that song helped me get through some of the hardest moments of my life. It didn't cause me to slip into depression, it helped me excape it. I hate when adults try to understand music that teenagers listen to. Most times they just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

MCR Rock, and they do NOT harm themselves or their fans in any way!

So fuck you anyone that says they are emo!



Anonymous said...

it is seriously so stupid how adults and the media try to say the teenage generation of people are "wussy guys dressed like girls in skinny jeans and eyeliner cutting themselves listening to my chemical romance." (i just read that somewhere) it really pisses me off how people say all the time that emo people are posing faggots... and music is like the cure or stabalizer for "emo" people. it DOES NOT make you feel worse, it helps you out of the blaqk hole that people dig for themselves. it just makes me want to kick someone when people say that emo people are bloody poser freaky faggots...because we're NOT! the misunderstanding of teenagers is utterly ridiculous and it seriously pisses me off.

P.S. "hold on" was played at a sewicde prevention assembly at my school, and it kind of made me mad that they associate that kind of (great!) music with sewicide, but at least now they're starting to understand that music helps teengers out, not diggs them in...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is super stupid how they do this. I do cut sometimes, and it is an addiction, which im trying to quit, and sometimes, when im having really bad days, and i really feel like going back to cutting, music might actually help me make it through and not cut, because it makes me feel better somehow, and it is not the little happy music, or that hip hoppy crap, i listen to alternative, indie, and just rock in general, MCR being one of my fave bands....Helena actually got me out of a really bad mood last week! So it pisses me off when they try to blame the music, when it actually helps alot.

Anonymous said...

ok, cool... i just added lots of different emo backgrounds 4 my blog

Anonymous said...

just saw this for the first time ever and what the Fuck?! this is a load of bull. i do 'selfharm' and would be considered emo but music helps convince me not to. that theres people the same out there. and as for them having black parade in it.. half the lyrics are about how "we'll carry on." the whole problem with 'emo' is that people judge it and the people that judge dont know fuck about anything considered emo. they're the ones that make each and every person every to be called emo feel like less than the gum stuck on their shoes.

people are afraid of what they dont know or understand. depression, self harming, and suicide are all still have major stigma attached, untill people become more open they'll never even come close to understanding therefore there will always be a gap of knowlage.

MCR Rock.

GerardWayAdamGontier said...

what. the. HELL!? MCR is the exact opposite of emo!!! Gerard and Frank both members of the band have both said that they think emo is "shit"!! Seriously!? MCR tries to help save lives and thats what they have done! They helped ME get over my "emo" phase! Also, the original emo aren't people who cut themselves. It was a genre of music and a style/fashion of how people looked. People that cut themselves are cutters or just people who enjoy self harm! MCR isn't emo just because they wear black! Their songs on The Black Parade album are fictional! It's a story of a man who dies at a young age and the "Black Parade" comes to him after he dies to help him through his death! ONE OF THE LYRICS IN THEIR SONG "Famous Last Words" IS "I am not afraid to keep on living I am not afraid to walk this world alone..." NOT SUICIDAL OR "EMO" AT ALL! CBS is crap! And only posts junk like this to ANGER fans and that's the only reason why they get views!! CBS sucks and MCR rocks and IS NOT EMO!!

Anonymous said...

I can't belive they put hold on by good charlotte for the background music. If they watched they video its about not being sucidal its about people who have tried and people who lost someone who was sucidal. They made that song so we wouldnt be sucidal. I hate CBS. They shouldnt judge neither should parents.

CBS SUCKS!! MCR & Good Charlotte ROCKS!

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Not troubled but happily emo said...


Anonymous said...

they clearly have something against MCR so have decided to give them the worst reputation possible, the whole point of MCR is to fight against hurting yourself and suicide.
If they had actually bothered to do their research properly they would have found that Hold On byy Good Charlotte is also very against suicide, the lyrics clearly are and the video is aswell, it even gives helplines for when you do feel suicidal. They should stop interferring in stuff they don't want to understand fully and get back to reporting proper news.