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Friday, January 25, 2008

An Inconvienent Truth: David Beckham is Hot

i'm hot, and now so's the earth

Apparently not everyone loooooves David Beckham the way every gossip magazine out there wants you to love him and his poshtastic brood. According to Soccer America Daily (Ed note--bwah??), David Beckham is the biggest threat to the environment... EVER. They blame his fleet of 15 cars, including Hummers, and all his travelling for work and leisure-- in 2007, Beckham flew “farther in 2007 than a trip from the earth to the moon” on all his appearances around the world.

With all his money he should be using it at least to reduce his own footprint. He has more freedom of choice when it comes to methods of traveling. He could also choose greener cars."

Look, first you tell us spinach is poisoning us, sunshine gives you cancer and now Pretty Boy McHandsome is ruining the earth?? WILL YOU LET US HAVE SOMETHING? PLEASE??

what global warming? I'm quite chilly, quite

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