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Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Britney, Blog: Episode 2

Britney's a busy girl, what with her busy schedule of running over people's feet, drinking herself into a frappuccino coma, and not giving a fuck anymore. But she's still found time to make a video blog! It took her the same amount of time as it did to record her new album.*

*'bout fifteen minutes

Got any suggestions on what Brit-Brit should teach the world next? Write it in the comments!

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danielletbd said...

I miss your blogs and your Britney vids! You need to do a new one about how Britney didn't lie about being a virgin, that was just another one of her many personalities. "It's good... it's a DISEASE." (that was a "Friends" reference, but it doesn't look the same in writing without intonation)